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Get GroupWise on your Blackberry®

Note: Effective November 1, 2013,synchronization of NIU email to Blackberry devices will be discontinued. IMAP to can be used get GroupWise email on Blackberrys.

Until November 1, 2013, personally owned and departmental Blackberry® devices can get GroupWise email and calendars for $10/month. Call 815-753-0963.

  • Personal e-mail service and GroupWise are both available. All messages received by the device will show up in the Messages inbox. When replying to messages in this folder, the device will send the message on the carrier it was received from. The device will not route personal messages through your GroupWise account, and vice versa.
  • Web browsing will continue to be handled by the user's cell provider.
  • 3rd party applications may not work as desired due to the necessary security settings.